A young person is participating in virtual meeting.Welcome to all who are interested in the topics of climate education and global solidarity!

Pinskut and Nuoret Kotkat present their new international climate and global education project called Weekends for Climate. During this project, we aim to offer 2-3-day day camps for 12-15-year-old young people in Finland. The camps will include sessions within the participants' own national groups, and they also get to know and have activities with their international peers by using virtual connections.

Young people get a chance to work with their international peers with a shared global issue, which increases global solidarity. We will offer high-quality climate education and information. The aim is also to empower young people in their own climate agency and to provide them practical tools for their own action-taking.
We aim to organise the day camps during weekends and holiday seasons considering the accute Covid19 situation in each country.

We have partnered with the long-term international partners of Pinskut and Nuoret Kotkat in order to implement the international aspect of the project: Pionyr, z.s. - Pionyrska skupina Sumperk, KINDERRING BERLIN e.V., Centrum voľného času, Ulica K. Novackého 14, Prievidza, and International Falcon Movement IFM-SEI.