Weekends for Climate - climate education project

Children are standing in front of the forest growing globe.
Weekends for Climate is a climate education project by Pinskut and Nuoret Kotkat, which was implemented in 2021. During the project, children and youth participated in events where they learned about climate change and sustainable life. Children and young people also gained affordable and more climate-friendly international experience by using virtual connections.

You can find our pdf-guide A Youth Leader's Guide to Climate Education on our Materials -page. The guide includes a range of activities about climate change, its causes and consequences, and how to tackle it. The activities will also deal with the global aspect of climate change and how it affects people differently depending on where they live. The activities are applicable to a number of contexts, from clubs to camps and other events. Many of the activities are also suitable for virtual collaboration, that is shared virtual sessions between groups from different countries/areas.

Altogether 300 children and young people from five different countries participated in the project: Finland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Zimbabwe. We partnered with the long-term international partners of Pinskut and Nuoret Kotkat in order to implement the international aspect of the project: Pionyr, z.s. - Pionyrska skupina Sumperk, KINDERRING BERLIN e.V., Centrum voľného času Prievidza, and International Falcon Movement IFM-SEI.